ICS Executive Council Election



We are very pleased to announce that Dena Ranz, Chair of the Canada Branch, has been elected to the ICS Executive Council.


ICS on LinkedIn

Based on members’ feedback we have now established an Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Members Only LinkedIn group.

This is a closed group exclusively for members and fellows of the Institute, including retired and life members. Once a member has paid their annual membership subscription fee, we will send them an invitation to join the group.

Some members may have set up their LinkedIn profile using a different email address than the one that they have registered with the Institute. In these cases we will endeavour to contact the member and ask for the LinkedIn email address so we can send them an invitation.

It is not compulsory for members to join the LinkedIn group.

However, by joining the group it will help validate the member’s current membership of the Institute as membership of the group will be displayed on the member’s profile. It will allow members to network easily with other members.

Members are encouraged to comment and offer insights on current shipping industry news and issues as well as Institute matters. We will be developing the other LinkedIn group options in the near future.

Members who lapse and do not pay their annual membership subscription fees will be removed from the group.


Congratulations to those candidates that have completed their exam requirement with the Institute.

The next step will be to complete the membership application form available on this page, following the instructions detailed on the form. The deadline for receipt of membership applications will be 11th September 2015, to be included in the next round of elections.

If you have any queries concerning your membership application, please email membership@ics.org.uk or call the office on +44 (0) 207 623 1111.


ICS 2015-16 Application for Membership

ICS Exam-Results-image2015 Exam Results (April)

Well done to everyone who passed their exams and many congratulations to all who completed their qualification for membership. We very much look forward to welcoming you as a member of the ICS very soon.

If you have taken a Diploma in April 2015 with the Institute, and you have been successful you will only find your name listed under the option subject. i.e. Foundation Diploma Dry Cargo Chartering.

Unfortunately, if your name doesn’t appear on the lists provided you have been unsuccessful but we very much hope that you will continue with your ICS studies and examinations. If you have any post-examination queries, please contact the ICS head office at enquiries@ics.org.uk. You can use the form on this page if you wish to apply for a review of one of your exam subjects. The deadline for receipt of review forms is Thursday 10th September 2015.

If you think you may have completed your qualification, but your name doesn’t appear on the Professional Qualifying Exams (PQEs) completed list, you may need to have your exemptions confirmed. Please contact the ICS head office at enquiries@ics.org.uk.

All students will receive a letter confirming the details of their results. For those who have completed their PQEs, a membership application form can be downloaded from this page .

Please note that the ICS head office will be open from 8am until 7pm (BST) on Thursday 6th August & Friday 7th August to answer exam queries; normal office hours (9am/5.00pm) resume from Monday 10th August.

How was my paper marked?

Post Examination Review April 2015 

2015-16  Application for Membership


Advanced Diploma

Notice to ALL AD candidates: only successful individuals listed below, have passed both subjects and will be awarded the Advanced Diploma. You will not be listed separately for a successful Shipping Business or AD option exam, if you had registered at Advanced Diploma level.

Dry Cargo Chartering

Mrs Melissa Gobby

Miss G Belokopytova

Offshore support industry

Ms S Bennett


Professional Qualification Examinations (Passed)

Dry Cargo Chartering

Mr Salunke

Ms S D Bridges

Economics of Sea Transport

Ms G L Chinnery

Ms S D Bridges

Mr E Malavoy

Mr RP Nemes

Mr Trenkov

Ms N Wilson

Ms A Kassabian

Introduction to Shipping

Mr G Beaton

Mr L S Grant

Legal Principles in Shipping Business

Miss C Legault

Captain C Minic

Mr RP Nemes

Mr Trenkov

Port Agency

Captain C Minic

Port and Terminal Management

Mr S R Brown

Ship Operations & Management

Ms N Wilson

Ms G L Chinnery

Shipping Business

Ms A Kassabian

Mr G Beaton

Miss C Legault

Ms G L Chinnery



Professional Qualifying Examinations (Completed)

Capt C Minic

Mr G D Salunke

Mr RP Nemes


Prize Winners

Capt C Minic –  Port Agency –  Shipbrokers’ Register Award


November 2015 Exam Session

The ICS Canada Branch will be  hosting ICS exam sessions from November 2nd through November 12, 2015 at Vancouver and Montreal Exam Centres.

Key dates:

– November 2015 exam registration opens: Agust 3rd, 2015

– Publication of April 2015 exam results: August 6th, 2015

– Deadline for April 2015 post-exam review applications: September 10th, 2015

– Deadline for November 2015 exam registration: October 2nd, 2015

Please check  November Exam Flyer for more details.

Exam Timetable – November 2015



  • September 30, 2015 12:00Board of Directors Meeting
  • November 19, 2015Dry Bulk Conference
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