ICS – WISTA Canada – CMLA – Summer Drinks / 5 à 7 – MONTREAL – 22/08/2017


Dear Shipping  Colleague/Student,

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Canada Branch,
the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association Canada, and the Canadian Maritime Law Association invite you to join us for Summer Drinks!

Further details in the event flyer.

ICS (Canada Branch), WISTA Canada & CMLA



Cher collègue/étudiant dans l’industrie maritime,

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Canada Branch
Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association, Canada et
L’Association Canadienne de Droit Maritime vous invitent à un 5 à 7 d’été!

Evénement details 

Merci et au plaisir de vous y voir!

ICS (Canada Branch), WISTA Canada & CMLA

May 2017 Exam Results

 10th August is results day. You can now log in to view your results via your account at: www.shipbrokers.org

Results letters have been posted to all students who attended exams. Students who did not attend any exams will not receive a results letter.

For those who have completed their PQEs, a membership application form has been included with their letter, or it can be downloaded from this page .

Well done to everyone who passed their exams and many congratulations to all who completed their qualification for membership. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Institute very soon.

If you have been unsuccessful in your exams on this occasion we encourage you to continue with your studies and can help you prepare better with the right learning support package such as Tutorship or attending an Institute PREP event.

If you have any post-examination queries, please contact ICS Head Office at enquiries@ics.org.uk. If you wish to apply for a review of one of your exam subjects you can request this through your online account on www.shipbrokers.org or use the form on this page. The deadline to request a post examination review is 7th September 2017.

If you think you may have completed your qualification, but your name doesn’t appear on the Professional Qualifying Exams (PQEs) completed list, please contact the Education Team at enquiries@ics.org.uk.

The deadline for registration for the November 2017 exams is 16th October 2017. The deadline for deferment and exam subject or exam centre changes is 23rd October 2017.

ICS Canada Branch – 2016/17 Chair Report

It is always fulfilling to report upon a successful year and I’m pleased to say that this year is no different!  The Canada Branch plays an important role within our local maritime communities but with an industry still feeling the effects of difficult days, it is more important than ever for our branch to show the value of membership, when and where we can.

I am pleased to report that the Canada Branch is again in excellent financial standing.   2016/17 saw a profit of $16,000; with a balance of more than $44,000.  An upcoming change with financial institutions will allow us to further clarify and enhance our internal banking processes.  Thanks to Gabriela Klongova and Karl Wang for their continued financial leadership.

The Canada Branch offered November and May examinations in Vancouver and Montreal.  This year was supported by an internationally coordinated Education Open night in September and February to inform and engage potential students.   Although the outreach saw a small turn out in numbers, it proved to be the quality of students that mattered, with many registering for exams.  Montreal continued to support local students with exam study sessions covering topics such as; Port Agency, Ship Sale and Purchase, Dry Cargo Chartering, Legal Principles of Shipping & Shipping Law and Ship Operations & Management…   Read full Report here

ICS Membership

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Canada Branch is always looking for ways to add value to our membership community.   Therefore, we are pleased to introduce the Canada Branch Membership List.   http://www.ics-canada.ca/membership/canadian-members/

What does it mean to be an ICS member?  The common understanding is that the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is the only internationally recognized professional body representing shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world.  In practice, ICS membership connects our professional careers with a vast network of highly dedicated maritime professionals of nearly 100 Canada Branch members locally, and more than 4,000 members internationally.

How can we get value from being an ICS member?  Networking, field trips and educational sessions have always been a successful and popular way to engage members and non-members alike.   Local content that is connected to local professionals and expertise.

But of those that attend, who is qualified as an ICS member?  For some time, it has not been clear on who has also shared this ICS journey.  Membership should be the heart and soul of our organization, it is the main reason that at the Canada Branch keep active in our communities.  And a community is the reason we may have become members in the first place.

The Canada Branch Membership List is another value add to your ICS membership.  This list is meant to communicate a members commitment to the ICS community with the goal of creating an ICS community.  Privacy is of utmost importance, therefore we are committed to sharing only your name and ICS membership designation.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Dena Rantz, FICS
Canada Branch Chair


Email Phishing Scam

Dear Members and Students,

Institute email addresses are currently being used in an email phishing scam. This is not surprising as our emails addresses are available to the public.

Please do not click on any links to invoices sent from Institute email addresses and delete the email from your inbox and deleted items. The Institute will NEVER email members or students with a link to an invoice.

If you are unsure if an email is genuine then please do not hesitate to contact us directly to verify the email.  Here is the link to the Institute’s emailing policy:


Please contact us if you need any further clarification.

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
85 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V 0AA
Tel: 020 7623 1111
Fax: 020 7623 8118



  • August 22, 2017 17:00Montreal: Summer Drinks!
  • October 12, 2017 12:00Vancouver: Luncheon Presentation
  • November 16, 2017Dry Bulk and Commodities Conference
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