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The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, founded in 1911, is the Professional Membership Body that sets the highest standards of professional service to the shipping industry through the provision of an internationally recognised education program.










International Sailor’s Society  -  Three Peaks Challenge

Dear ICS members,

Since we are in the shipping industry we undoubtedly think of those seafarers who spend many month at sea away from their homes and families.

The International Sailor’s Society – Canada (ISSC), is a national charity who provide support to those facilities in various port across the country who are involved with the welfare of seafarers.

Past Chairman of the ISSC, later this month, along with ISSC Directors, Bonnie Gee from the Chamber of Shipping and Andrew Mayer from the Port of Prince Rupert, will travel to the U.K. to participate in the “Three Peaks Challenge”.


Bonnie Gee, Chamber of Shipping


Andrew Mayer , Port of Prince Rupert

Peter Swanson

Peter Swanson, Bernard LLP








This is a sponsored fund raising event organised by the Sailor’s Society in the U.K during which teams will climb each of the highest peaks in England,  Scotland and Wales in 24 hours.

So far the ISSC team have raised over $6,000 and can certainly use all of your help in reaching their goal to raise $20,000 this year for the ISSC.  Attached is the sponsorship/donation form for the challenge and also below is a link to the team page with the Sailors Society at https://www.justgiving.com/teams/ThreePeaksTeams (note that donations via this webpage will go directly to the UK organization and will later be reimbursed to us in Canada)

For more information on the event or to donate to our account directly, visit our website at www.sailorssociety.ca.

Thanks for your support!

Three Peaks Challenge Sponsorship Form





Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Canada Branch hosted presentation from Tony Brewster, Marine Petrobulk.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Canada Branch hosted a presentation from Tony Brewster, President, Marine Petrobulk in Vancouver on May 22 to provide an update on the North American Emission Control Area requirements that will be coming into effect on January 1, 2015. Noting that the regulations will require .1% sulphur content in fuel beginning on January 1, 2015 (reduced from the current one per cent), Brewster’s key message was that, while suppliers are better prepared to offer the lower sulphur content, the switch for ship owners and operators will be more costly. “Basically, the requirements mean a change to straight marine gas oil,” said Brewster.

Tony Brewster, President, Marine Petrobulk, with Sarah Gilbert, President, ICS Canada Branch



ICS Luncheon Talk held May 14th in Montreal


The ICS held a luncheon talk on May 14th 2014 to a full meeting room at the offices of law firm BLG in Montreal. In commemoration of The International Day of the Seafarer on June 25th, the topic was “The Seafarer & the Maritime Labour Convention” and featured speakers Capt Mladen Bozhinov of Rio Tinto Marine and Jean-Marie Fontaine, Partner at BLG.

Detailed presentations were followed by pointed questions.  By the end, everyone had a better appreciation of the challenges faced by those at sea.

Special thanks to BLG for their generous support for this event!










ICS Business Luncheon in Montreal


The ICS held a luncheon talk on April 23rd 2014 to a packed boardroom at the Shipping Federation of Canada in Montreal. The topic was “Repudiatory Behaviour in the Maritime Context” and was presented by David Colford, Partner at Brisset Bishop and National Vice-President of the Canadian Maritime Law Association.

We all came away with a greater awareness of this important topic and the issues relating to it. In addition, everyone enjoyed the lunch catered by Titanic Cafe and had the opportunity to make some new friends. Altogether, it was a very worthwhile way to spend the lunch hour!


IMG_7888 IMG_7891

Thanks to the Canadian Maritime Law Association for their support for this event. Thanks also to Youth of Shipping, Women in Shipping & Trading Association, Grunt Club and the Company of Masters Mariners of Canada for forwarding to their members. And finally, thanks to the Shipping Federation for allowing us to use their Boardroom!



ICS Movie Night at Mariners House in Montreal


The ICS held a movie viewing of “A Hijacking” on Feb 13th 2014 at the Mariners House in Montreal.

Everyone agreed the movie was excellent, a very realistic depiction of what the crew would go through in a piracy situation and how negotiations between the shipping company and the pirates might unfold. One could really see how this could happen to any of us and how this would turn our world upside down. It was above all a very human drama and we all came away with a renewed respect for those of us in shipping, both at sea and on shore.

Altogether, it was a very nice evening. People mixed over drinks before the movie and stayed back a bit afterwards for discussion.  While at the Mariners House, ICS Canada East Coast Rep Julian Hung took the opportunity to hand over a cheque from donations collected at the Christmas Pub Night to Carolyn Osbourne, General Manager of the Mariners House of Montreal! Thank you again to all those who chipped in!

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